Office Interior Design Styles for the Home

When you have to work from home, you really need an office space that is practical, comfortable and most importantly productive fpt work. No matter what size space you have, with a little inspiration and help from interior design in London professionals you can create an office space that is tailored for you. Below we offer a few office interior styles for the home office from interior designers in London.


Sleek and contemporary furnishings are epitomised by sleek wooden desks and leather hard backed chairs. If you want a clean looking office with clear lines, then this is the interior design in London office style for you.

Loft office

When utilising space in the home, many interior designers in London choose to use all available space in the home and one popular choice is that of the loft. This creates a very large space that is open plan. If you need a big space that is away from the rest of the family, then a loft office is perfect.

The old fashioned office look

Although using modem furniture, the overall look is from years gone by with large wooden oak desks and cosy chocolate covered leather armchairs. If you need an office in which to relax and read this is the office for you.


The contemporary and colourful office is fun. With comfy sofas, throws and cushions, this home office is very like a cosy living room. For a less formal environment in which to be creative, many interior designer in London professionals choose this look.

The library home office

if you want a formal office within your home and are an academic, then it makes sense to have a home library as your office. This room will need lots of integrated bookshelves, a comfy chair and a sturdy table on which to write and place a laptop.

The fishbowl

A really popular style for the home office is that of a glass room, in which you can see the rest of the house. This is particularly favoured by the interior designer in London if you need extra natural light in which to work. It is also favoured by many artists.