Top 4 Tips For Interior Design In Your Office

To the untrained eye, an office is just an office – a London office, however, should be so much more. For those who understand the power of interior design in London, the right style and layout can improve how you work, as well as how you feel about your job. Here are our top 4 tips for interior design in your office.

Staff Space
Most managers simply want to box as many cubicles in, but this seldom makes people feel good. Any interior designers in London will tell you the same thing – people appreciate a sense of space. Whether this is dropping the walls and opening the building up, creating communal spaces or simply not being so strict on floor space, these break-out spaces are important. Otherwise you simply isolate employees, rather than encouraging team performances.


Colour aesthetics
Blue is, without a doubt, one of the most common colours used in interior design in London. Why? It’s cold, making the room look bigger, and its professional. Yet many an interior designer in London is turning away from this look, as it lacks the power to motivate employees. Hot reds might be a better option, but these are too passionate. Instead, settle for interesting yellows and ambers – or even greens. These are all colours with a hint of liveliness.

Create Light
One of the first things any interior designer in London will do is assess the window. This isn’t about the view – it’s about seeing how much light can enter any given room. While working with natural light is always an advantage, electric lighting also needs to be abundant. A dark office is seldom appealing and often puts your designers talents to waste.

Everything Should Be Visible
Hiding things away sounds practical, but it doesn’t help work life. Bins and storage need to be evenly spaced and easy to see. Likewise, don’t hide your office away. If people can’t see or easily access the wider office, the interior design is working against you, seperating departments.

As you can see, there’s plenty to consider when it comes to your office, even when just discussing the basics. For these reasons, professional interior designers in London are always helpful!